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Does Truth Really Exist?

We live in a confusing time, and no wonder. It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish between what is fact and what’s not. Methods of communication are faster and more vast than anyone would have imagined a century ago, and those methods are being used relentlessly to propagate lies as truth.

From fictional entertainment portrayed as fact, like the Da Vinci Code book and movie, to the evening news, the lines between truth and lie are becoming one big blur. Reporters and “experts” use surveys and other statistics masterfully to support their agendas. They know the average person doesn’t have the time or knowledge to dig deeper into the details which typically reveal the statistics aren’t representative of popular opinion.

The mainstream media wants us to believe that most Americans have liberal views and opinions, and the few that don’t are closed-minded hate mongers. It makes me wonder if this was what Hitler’s propaganda campaigns prior to and during WWII were like – where the population is inundated with false information over and over until the people begin to believe the lies. It’s one of the oldest forms of brainwashing aimed at manipulating the masses. It tears at the heart of life, because truth is vital to life. Man has searched for its meaning since time began. In 30 AD, the Roman Governor Pilate asked the profound question, “What is truth?” The answer is found in John 14:6. “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” Jesus stated.

Does truth exist? Absolutely, but only in Him.


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