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Power in "The Purpose" ?

I read this morning where Zondervan publishing is about to release a micro (less than an inch tall, about one-half inch wide and less than a quarter-inch think) edition of Rick Warren’s best seller The Purpose Driven Life. The book will be a full version but, obviously, unreadable without a magnifier.

Why release such a small edition? Zondervan’s Kurt James explains, “This will allow someone to always have this little book with them wherever they go. It can be kept in a purse or in a front pocket next to someone’s heart. It fits just about anywhere. So we’re not so much worried about people reading it. We want people to be comforted just knowing that they have it with them wherever they go, to remind them that their life has purpose and meaning.”

Does this sound a little awkward to you? I can see someone carrying a small version of the Bible like this. After all, the Bible is God’s Word. It holds supernatural power beyond reading. But The Purpose Driven Life, or any other ordinary book? I don’t have anything against Rick Warren or his book. I read it and found it to be a good book overall. I even bought a couple of extra copies for other people.

Maybe I’m over-reacting. I’ve been know to do so. But the implication that this book would carry some comforting power beyond the readable is disturbing. Why not just take a micro-version of the book on which Warren’s is based and have the full Power next to your heart?


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