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Black Friday was Indeed a Dark Day

black friday

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It was a bright day for sales, but a dark day for humanity.  Sales were up for Black Friday this year over last – 7% in store and 24% online.  The fights were increased too.  Wal-Mart seemed to be the most popular place for riots, though not the only place.  Every time I look at the news there is a new report or video of a fight.

They were all over the country.  From New York to Florida to Arkansas to Texas to California and everywhere in between.  Even in my small hometown, the police had to be called in to break up a fight.

Now if these fights were over food to feed a starving family that was down and out, I might could be a little bit sympathetic, but I doubt seriously if any of them were.  The fight at my local Wal-Mart was over wash cloths.  Somehow that just doesn’t seem like a life of death need to me.  If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the towels my kids have to use.  And let’s not forget the $2 waffle makers.

No, these riots are about nothing but greed, selfishness, and stupidity.  Like undomesticated dogs fighting over a steak.  Is that what we’ve come to in our materialistic world?  That we will threaten another human being over bath cloths and waffle makers?  Is this what Christmas has become?  A time to get all you can for as little as you can?

Do any of these people feel regret after such behavior?  Will they wake up at some point and realize what idiots they’ve been, destroying store displays and trampling over, beating up, pepper-spraying, and shooting people?


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