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Life Lesson: sometimes God puts a slow vehicle in front of you for a reason

English: Slow moving morning traffic Crossing ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While driving to work this morning in the fog and rain, I ended up behind a van that I knew was not going to be moving at the speed I normally travel. I sighed rather strongly and then thought about the weather. “It’s probably best I don’t drive my normal speed today,” I said to myself.

It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last that I get behind a slow vehicle “for a reason.” The temptation is always there to pass them when one of those rare opportunities comes along on the winding, twisting roads I have to¬†maneuver.

Sometimes I am smart enough to realize God probably put that slow poke in front of me to protect me from myself and my rush to get to my destination. Such is life. We may be headed in the right direction, doing all the right things, but moving just a little too fast for our own good. Danger along the way, or our inability to properly control things, or maybe the destination itself just isn’t ready for us.

Next time something slows you down and makes you go slower than you want, think twice before you try to bypass it. Maybe God is at work looking out for you.


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