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My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

Life Lesson: violently shaking things rarely untangles them

kitty vs clothes hanger

I was in a dressing room over the weekend trying to remove a hanger, covered with foam padding, from a turtle neck sweater. At one point I began to shake the two items (not violently in this case) to release them from each other’s custody. My thoughts quickly turned to all those times I have gotten frustrated with clothes hangers, cables, and such that just didn’t want to cooperate. I have a tendency to shake and sling at that point.

So I asked myself, does this ever work? Honestly it has, but only on rare occasions. Acting out of frustration and anger usually doesn’t offer favorable results. Only when I stop and look do I see that I need to move the item in the opposite direction to set it free. It’s only when we calm down and look at the situation rationally that the problem untangles.

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