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The Cycle of LIFE

A study of history reveals a definite cycle of human spiritual behavior. From the ups and downs of God’s chosen people in the Bible to American history even prior to the Revolution, we have experienced times of closeness to God and times of rebellion.

I have a personal dream to be part of a revival in our country. I read about previous great awakenings and wonder what it must have been like and then visualize one happening today – what effect it would have on our government and daily lives. It’s exciting but also disheartening when I realize how short-lived all the previous ones were. Some even debate if what took place in the 1960s and 70s actually qualifies as a great awakening.

The occurrence of these ups and downs throughout history, I believe, have been significant in delaying God’s decision to rapture the Church. And I have to admit, there are times when I’m not so sure I want to delay him. Regardless of eschatological views on whether we’re in the millennial or the tribulation, or neither, it’s doubtful that Christ will return in the midst of a revival. Prophecy seems to point to things not being so good when that happens.

This leaves us with a conundrum of experiencing a national (or better still, international) revival and theoretically delaying “the rapture,” or continuing in our societal downfall ushering in the end. What do you think?


Pictures from the Rapture

Mashable posted this collection of photos of what the rapture would look like if Harold Camping is right this time.  Yes, today was another of his predictions of the return of Christ to take all believers to heaven.  (I actually wrote this earlier in the week in case you think I got left behind.)  Pretty funny.  You’ll notice one even answers the age-old question, do dogs go to heaven.

We’ve joked about this and Camping for several months now, but let us not forget, one day it really will happen.  It will catch us all by surprise, including Camping, even the funny pictures depict that.

Max Lucado describes it this way in his book God’s Story, Your Story.

The great Day will be a normal day.  People will drink coffee, endure traffic snarls, laugh at jokes, and take note of the weather.  Thousands of people will be born; thousands will die.

One day it will happen.  Will it be a good surprise or bad surprise for you?

What a Day That Will Be

Have you ever tried to picture 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 in your mind? How quickly will it all happen? What will Jesus say? Will it translate to all languages? What will the angel say? How many notes will the trumpet play? Will we see the dead coming out of their graves? Will we notice them as we meet them in the air? What will it feel like to fly/float up to Jesus? As the old song says, truly “what a day that will be.” I hope it doesn’t happen too quickly; I want to take it all in.

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