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Extravagant for God

The Sistine Chapel

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Throughout history many extravagant churches and cathedrals have since been constructed, hopefully all to honor God.  Some might say it is a waste of money that could be used to benefit others.  But anything done extravagantly for the purpose of honoring God is not wasteful. All you have to do is look back to the story of Jesus’ anointing before his crucifixion.

God deserves and expects us to give him our best individually and corporately as a church body, but notice the Israelites in Exodus 38:24 did not borrow money to build their tent tabernacle or any of its contents. Nor were they wealthy people.

God provided the resources for the tabernacle long before he ordered the building and re-building of it in every instance recorded in the Bible.  When the Israelites left Egypt two years prior to building the tent structure, God gave them more gold, silver, bronze, etc. than they would need.  I wonder what they thought all of it was for.  Maybe their own personal wealth and extravagance?

It’s okay to be extravagant for God, but remember he always pays for what he orders.


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